NAPCast: 251 - Third Order

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Apr 15, 2019 Rintin

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 251 - Third Order

Time out! Grab a coffee, a water, your cola of choice... Stretch out, relax... and take a couple pulls off this NAP DNB to help to get your Monday mind right! We want to give massive thanks to all that came out last week to support the inaugural School Night at the Melody Inn! Great turnout, and even greater talent with dem boys rockin' out on the producer showcase tip, stellar performances by Nashawti, Sweater Disco, Trilli & Paranoid Inc, Samaro, and Cam Miller... it was off the chain! So much diverse talent... and it's only getting started y'all. The next lineup has dropped and it's just at hot (more deets to come). For now, just remember where to catch some dope beats while still catching some zzz's, and make School Night your new monthly stop each and every second Tuesday at the Melody Inn! 

I don't want to overload you too much, cuz' you need to get some rest and make it through this week, big DnB 'tings upcoming for 4/20 weekend! First on Friday night, you've got Carnie and What the Bleep coming into town to kick off your hazy weekend at the Mousetrap! Then on Saturday, catch Aseity and the NAP DNB crew in full force bangin' out Funk you Inc's 4/20 extravaganza in Fort Wayne! Blaze up and keep it safe with Drum and Bass!

It's only right we follow up last week's NAPCast heat with 'mo fiya, cuz that torch is gonna need to stay lit all the way through the weekend. Third Order aka Timbo Slice is the man that stands up to the challenge. Third Order ails from the DnB sanctuary of Asheville NC,and has a passion for psychedelic bass music... and... FIRE! Timbo has been heavily active in the flow arts for over a decade; dedicated performer, instructor, organizer and even director of these fine events, getting his first public DJ debut at Flashepoint 2016. He has appeared at growing list of Flow Festivals, including FLAME, Fahrenheit, NEFF, Sol Eclipse, Flashepoint and Kinetic to name a few. Needless to say, Third Order can bring the heat and does just that with NAPCast #251. This mix radiates with a hard & dark,techy & rolling type flow, and is broken up nicely with some liquidy and tasty drum moments. Proving Third Order knows how to keep things roastin'! Spark it up! 

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