NAPCast: 250 - K-Step

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Apr 08, 2019 Rintin

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 250 - K-Step

Right about now it's time to dose up on some Monday NAPCast Biz! Mad props go out to the Collage Entertainment peeps for throwing the Collage Carnival this past Saturday. The scope, the diversity, and talent at an event like this really gives a sense of community and inclusion for our city. All of the music was on point, paired with the phenomenal performers... Sensory Overload! Definitely reminds me how fortunate we are to have the depth of skill within arm's reach right here in Indy!

This should also be a reminder that there are a lot of dedicated individuals investing time,pushing buttons, and pulling levers to put a grin on your face and deposit some memories in 'yo bank. None of it is easy y'all, it happens because of a passion. But none of it happens without you, and that's where the burden lies... The burden folks... is on you! To get out there and support it, and appreciate that you live in spot where things still happen by passion, not just pursuit of taking your money! Sorry I got deep there for a moment... not typical for my Mondays so take note - Message!

There's plentiful opportunity to go out and "get your grin on" in the immediate and distant futures. First up, I know you already have plans for tomorrow night on lock, the School Night @ the Melody Inn kick off is where we will find you, at a new & improved time - 8pm! Later this month, catch DJ Hollow Point busting rounds, with a motley crew of NAP DNB's finest, at Funk You Inc's 4/20 event in Fort Wayne! Then next month, DJ HP packs heat & heads to Kinetic Fire 2019! Much more to come on this, I think it's time for a mix!

NAPCast 250 is straight flame, WARNING: May Cause Burns. This particular fire was started by DJ K-Step aka Steve Wilson during NYE 2013, and probably left a few innocent bystanders suffering 2nd or 3rd degree burns. Legend has it K-Step set many rooms a blaze in Indy, and I am lucky to sift through some of the evidence with today's NAPCast. Steve is a long time DJ/producer & skilled turntablist now residing out west in Utah. Perhaps hiding out, due to pending charges of relentless speaker abuse. Grab your riot gear 'cuz selectah K-Step is about to demonstrate his vast knowledge of weaponry with this techy, funky, dancefloor killa' - "Neurofunk Reincarnation". It's Hot. It's Heavy. It's Proper. You're gonna like this!        

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 250 - K-Step 101 plays 

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