NAPCast: 215 - Millz

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Jul 30, 2018 Courtney Tanasovich

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 215 - Millz

Hello again comrades! So nice of you to join us once again. If you're still able to read this then it means the full moon this weekend didn't turn you into frightening werewolf, which while exciting, is probably bad in general for the life you'd been living and would make it impossible to operate a smartphone or computer. And how is one supposed to live a fulfilled life if you're not able to bump those sweet dnb jams? I don't care how dreamy Team Jacob makes it seem to be a fury shape-shifter, there's no point in hunting humans if your soundtrack isn't on point.

If you were listening to some sweet dnb jams this past week, it might have been (should have been) the newest Hospitality Podcast with London Elektricity where he announced the end of an era for the Hospital crew. The gang has grown too big for their britches it seems and have to move to a new office. Unfortunately this means we may go a few weeks (or longer) without new pods from the big man while they sort out their set up. So color me elated when this week's NAPCast submission came in sounding an AWFUL lot like a Hospital cast! Big ups to another NEW submitter, Millz from Richmond, Va for putting together this joyful set! He even worked in probably my all time favorite High Contrast tune (other than Mr. Majestic), The Basement Track. When this tune gets played, you better watch yourself on the dance floor, cuz I'm moving in to do WORK. Great additions from Etherwood, Danny Bryd and a whole mess of Hospital champs inside too. This hour is perfect for a littel pre-work skank to really get you set for your Monday. Pump it up loud and really let your neighbors know that you're ready to take on any challenges that may be foolish to face you!

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 215 - Millz 114 plays 

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