NAPCast: 204 - Chachi Guerrero

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May 14, 2018 Courtney Tanasovich

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 204 - Chachi Guerrero

Part of what makes it so difficult for the underground dance music world to thrive in the US, is how vast this great chunk of earth is. Compared to our Euro and UK counterparts, getting from one side to the other a week long endeavor if you’re talking round trip. Not even counting your play time. Proximity to talent has always been the unfair advantage of international cousins. And I’m talking about ALL genres here, not just dnb. Yes, the US has plenty to do with the history of dance music but that hasn’t translated into a uniform appreciation for the sounds across the country that way it has elsewhere. So in order to get access to the types of DJs and producers one wants to hear, dance to and play with, lots of travel is often in order and a necessity. Sometimes that means one city loses out on some kickass talents because they have to leave in order to properly hone their craft. I say all of this because this week’s NAPCast reminds me of how damn lucky I’ve been past 5 and a half years to have met some of the coolest cats just because they happen to play the types of sounds I like to hear. I’m also reminded that this one particularly cool cat has left me for good in the god forsaken place so that she can be all fancy pants in the big Windy City (and every single other place on the planet because she’s god damn Carmen San Diego).

By now you might have guessed who has me so forlorn, and if you are that super smart, YAY! VERY NICE! If you haven’t yet, I’ll let ya in….it’s our favorite techno goddess, CHACHI! Our girl has always been one to be on the MOVE with her busy work schedule, but now she’s gone from our Indy lives for good  Because she’s never in one place, it’s hard for her to jam out a mix as often as she’d maybe like, but for some miracle she got some free minutes and gave them all to DNB! Last time she dropped a mix on us it stayed on repeat in my car for a month straight. It was every single bit of what I expected from techno DJ but EXTRA.  Of COURSE this week’s treasure is no different either! Deeeeep Jungle cuts and playful Juke and Footwork to keep things modern and super charged with hype are packed into this hour. This set is a damn good time and I am so happy to have a new bit of goodness from one of my favorite people. Whenever I have a moment of missing these folks who venture out into the world, I get to dive into these memories from them and be reminded of all the best things, and that’s pretty dope. Get the fuck into this one immediately, pump it as loud as you can from your cars with your windows down, and hit the repeat button. You’re gonna want it. 

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 204 - Chachi Guerrero 61 plays 

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