NAPCast: 203 - RK9

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May 11, 2018 Courtney Tanasovich

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 203 - RK9

Salutations compadres! Welcome back to the grind of the “work week”, but at least we struggle through it together, right? I won a Kentucky Derby hat contest this weekend while celebrating Derby de Mayo, so that was pretty tight. Nothing says freedom and betting like giant sombreros filled with flowers and a tiny grass track inside the brim! Antik One and I also welcomed a new kitty addition to our family this weekend, a youngster named Zinna and she is terrified of her new world.  She was pretty playful at the shelter, so hopefully she relaxes and figures out her new world is pretty chill. Looking back on it now, this was a pretty fantastic weekend! I hope everyone else found plenty of good times as well!

Speaking of having good times. There’s some VERY SPECIAL good time to be had tomorrow with us at the Melody Inn. It’s for bittersweet reasons because it means that we really truly have to start saying our goodbyes to a very integral piece of our dnb family. Househead turned rudeboi, Knotice is set to depart the Midwest for the West Coast in June but we decided to have a little celebration now in his honor since we know how crazy things get right before move day and his visuals gear would be all packed up anyway  I kid. When Knotice started hanging around all thing dnb related and expressing interest in helping with NAPDNB, we had no idea what sort of wealth of resources we were really getting. From graphic design for flyers and event pages to our full-fledged projection at Paradox, Paranormal Activity and in the House room, he has been instrumental in making it happen.  There’s this rumor that he’s working on a new website for us buuuutt…….STAY TUNED! I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, Knotice makes for a criminal partner in crime. If you ever need a festi/rave camping buddy, THIS IS YOUR GUY. Dependable, discrete and always leaves no trace. And all for the love of the scene, whichever one that may be. A true souljah in a deep since of the word. His absence will be felt not only within our little amen break loving community, but at various nights around the city where he made himself a usual presence. It was his burden to bear to have to choose between two solid nights like Social for House music and Altered Thurzdaze for his edm/bass heavier vibes. But he repped dnb hard to everyone he came in contact with, so we sent him out into the night knowing the gospel was in good hands. So off he goes to SoCal beautiful beaches and hot bed of dnb supremacy. Lucky dick. I hate you Knotice. Always and forever. JK!! HOUSE PARTY AT A-ARON’S NEXT SUMMER! MARK YOUR CALENDARS! And also swing by the Mel tomorrow for a goodbye hug or beer sharing with the ol’ man before he’s gone for good(ish). We’re really gonna miss him, so lets send him out with all the love and celebration for what he does for dance music!

To get you really amped for tomorrow we have a harder than fuck mix from RK9 from Rotterdam. With a background in hardcore punk, mathcore and deathcore, it’s surprising that his dnb style follows the same theme. I will be honest, breakcore is not my cup of tea but that doesn’t mean it won’t totally rock somebody’s socks! I know for a fact it does for a few of you! It sounds exactly like what some of the Furthur Family would get down on, I know that’s for sure. Really dark and brutal inside this one. And if you don’t dig it, that’s ok too, that’s the beauty of this gigantic genre called drum and bass!

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