NAPCast: 56 - Magenta

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Jun 22, 2015 Courtney Tanasovich

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 056 - Magenta

Ok boys and girls, I'm going to get real serious with you on this one. To start, this week's mix is dedicated to all the Jungle Birds out there, here in Naptown and far away. This week's NAPCast is hands down my absolute favorite of 2015, possibly to date. An absolute love song to DNB from one bitchin' Queen of the Jungle, Magenta! I can't waste anymore time telling you how good this shit is, so please don't even wait to read this, just go now and listen.

Magenta's track selection builds upon itself so well, it's striking to hear some of what she puts together. Thoughtfully placed vocals play so well against the deep jungle vibe she's laying down to start this one off and they carry those feelings throughout. When you're just getting comfy, she breaks it down with some nasty drums that will make you stop whatever you're doing just so you can skank it up. A tune later and things are smoothed back out again with wubbs so thick it'll make your eye vibrate. There's literally not a moment in this mix that loses sight of the over all feeling, and that is something that keeps me coming back a listener, no matter who's mix it is.

This girl's got fire love for this music and you can hear it. Magenta's been spotted recently hanging out with that gent of the decks, Dave Owen, and it's clear to see that a night involving both of them wrecking a room would be a dance floor each and every one of us would love to get down on. Now get this in your ears and make Monday your bitch!!

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