NAPCast: 45 - Sinistarr

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Apr 05, 2015 Courtney Tanasovich

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 045 - Sinistarr

Happy belated Easter! Spring has sprung and the kiddos are loaded up on enough sugar to take them through summer vacation. Some of the old men and birds of NAPDNB attended the soiree at Blu last night for the Mark Farina show. Someone forgot to remind us that work was still happening today and now we're all feeling every bit of 30+ and none of the 20 year old inside our heads telling us it was a good idea on Friday. But unto us a new mix has risen. One to remind us that when the beat is bumping, age really is simply a frame of mind.

This week's NAPCast is the recording of the Sinistarr set from St. Patrick's Day at The Mel. We had such a great night with everyone who came out and Sinistarr kept us on our toes with what tracks he was gonna lay down next. Looking back on that event, it makes me think....does everyone realize what level of crazy talent we get graced with, even in The Republic of Pence??!! Check this, back in January Fact magazine placed Sinistarr in the top 10 DNB producers to watch in 2015, and our show was an absolute example of why he received such high respect from them. Naptown gets to say they knew him when, and this is just one shinning example of what passes through the doors of the The Mel, for free.

It was said by many that this was a set they'd be playing over and over again once it was posted, and listened they have. While you can dance your face off to every minute of this mix, there's also some real fun to be had in listening to how Sinistarr constructed this mix. There's something distinctive and creative, and it's what will help keep drum&bass alive. As always, we thank Sinistarr for coming through to play for our motl

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 045 - Sinistarr 10 plays 

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