NAPCast: 271 - Dave Owen

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Sep 02, 2019 Rintin

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 271 - Dave Owen

Ahhhh its' freakin' Labor Day all you Junglists! Soak it in folks, this bitter sweet paid holiday that bids you thanks for your daily toils and signals the end of summer! All and all, this summer has been action packed for the gang with numerous, successful, School Night and Rhythm Riot events right in our own back yard, and triangulatin' travels from Chicago, Louisville, to Columbus and beyond. Looking could be exhausting, but all that cancels out cuz... "do something you love and it ain't work son!" So as you sleep in, grill out, or do whatever it is you do to relax on this free day, just remember the NAPDNB is putting work to bring you the freshest of beats Monday in and Monday out - Holiday or NOT!

Less than 10 days away til we drop the next in the School Night series at the Melody Inn! We've got some September B-days to celebrate (including my own) so we've got DAVE OWEN on the roster to help fill up our cups! We've got Micromachine opening 'tings and Gizzmo closing 'em down, plus a little extended set sesh from the B-day Boy himself. HOB is supplying the House grooves via the sounds of Garrison and DJ Meadows so bring your $2 and (optional) balloon and have yo' momma ready to call you in sick in the morn. Come party for this School Night Celebration!   

This week we have an appropriately placed virgin for the NAPCast featuring none other than the man Dave Owen himself. Home grown talent with an international reach, Dave Owen has been reppin' Stateside DnB for over 2 decades. This DJ/Producer has been building an encyclopedia of releases, and its currently in the middle of an incredible year, signing tracks to Metalheadz, Dispatch, and ProgRAM! No wonder we had to snag him for his Mid Summer Tour! Dave sent us a little exclusive heater for a taste of what's in store when he comes rock the MEL on 9/10! #271 comes loaded, packed with big beats and bass bustin' at the seams. Leaning on the heavier side, Dave Owen puts together a barrage of ferocious blends guaranteed to make you sweat on you day off!    

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 271 - Dave Owen 45 plays 

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