NAPCast: 267 - Gizzmo

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Aug 05, 2019 Rintin

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 267 - Gizzmo

How's it hangin' Indianapolis? Yet another beautiful weekend here in the Circle City, the State Fair begins & Gen Con comes to a close, time to put the personas and costumes away! Let another work week of rat race slavery begin! Today is National Work like a Dog Day! Seriously. So swallow you're pride and press that nose firmly to the grindstone! Dem bills ain't gonna pay for themselves, and "the man" ain't gonna get rich without ya! Thankfully here cometh another rendition of the NAPCast to add a soundtrack to your daily toil! It's the least we can do, right? But before we get to all that, I wanna give a brief thanks Samaro and the gang at the Patron Saint for giving me the chance for an impromptu appearance at Proper last Thursday at the Patron Saint! Much Love to our House Homies!

One more week until School Night returns to the Melody Inn! It's always a special night when we bring in Carnie for headlining duties! And it don't stop there as we've got other top talent to keep the room shaking all night long. Dave Peck, DJ Wobble, Sea Monkey, and Antik One giving you a dose of drums, with Kene Mahusey and Gizzmo+ on house injections. Come out and party on a School Night, and get a double dose of House and Drum and Bass

This week the we're slathering it on thick as we've got the master himself with his first appearance on the NAPCast for 2019! The Granddaddy of the NAPDNB - Gizzmo! Our boy Ben Newburn has been making moves in the Indy and Midwest scenes for well over two decades, and is the local top name to register when speaking Circle City DnB. This is exactly why the man with the beard was chosen to warm up the decks for the POTD's final show in Indy a few months ago! NAPCast #267 comes correct in typical Gizzmo fashion, with his own rigid, uncompromising style of in your face Drum and Bass. No pauses for breaths, take no prisoners... Loaded with reminiscent remixes, mind numbing & bone shaking beats, with that gritty Gizzmo style you know you can't get enough of. Grab a towel (and/or a tarp), cuz this August mix is gonna make you drippy!  

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 267 - Gizzmo 41 plays 

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