NAPCast: 266 - Metacognition

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Jul 29, 2019 Rintin

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 266 - Metacognition

What up CircleCity? It's the Tin-man here and I might need some oil today. The Joints are feeling a bit stiff after all the exciting shenanigans that took place at the Squeakeasy/Columbus last Saturday night! The NAPDNB had a strong presence with Dyonysiz, Paranoid INC, and myself all lighting up the decks, with other stellar performances by Wobble, Raw-Ko and Ordinary Funking People! This is such a special place to just get down, so if you get the invite, you need to add this experience to your life!

Save some space, cuz we've got more experiences coming that are a must-add to your life! SCHOOL NIGHT @ THE MEL returns on 8/13! The one and only Carnie returns to Indy for another onslaught of DnB mayhem, accompanied by Dave Peck, DJ Wobble, with Sea Monkey and Antik1 dotting I's and crossing T's! August is almost here and School Night sessions are in full effect! Then later that same week, catch Sea Monkey and Johnny Utah suit up to highlight another sesh of Rhythm/Riot at the Pioneer along side DJ Little Town & d u c h e s s on 8/16! Fresh, home grown, talent. Get out there and support it!

Now is the time close the loop and fire off this week's NAPCast! #266 comes in scalding from Metcognition aka Jamesstar Dust, who also performed under the moniker Psynapse! James is a veteran, and fan favorite, of our Indy scene who is now residing in Germany. From the man himself "Metacognition means thinking about thinking, an abstract process used as a tool to prompt deep process into the realm of idea and pure concept. This mix is a reflection of the innate ability to conjure images of unknown realities yet intuited, and teh moods that it creates in the process...". This isn't a mix, it's a journey! Down the rabbit hole we go into the mind of Metacognition, where broken beats, downtempo, and drum and bass all merge into an abundance of bass-heavy delights! An intricately designed maze of harmonical heaven to blast your week into motion! 

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 266 - Metacognition 32 plays 

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