NAPCast: 255 - Identity

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May 13, 2019 Rintin

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 255 - Identity

What up Naptown? Send a belated Happy to yo' Momma Day courtesy of the NAPDNB. So many thanks to all the Mom's past, present, and future for birthing, nourishing, and raising the Junglists all around this hurling rock called Earth, we wouldn't have a genre without you! 

If you took care of Mom's yesterday, she probably won't mind you givin' the slip & dip out to School Night tomorrow night @ The Melody Inn! Where a mere $2 opens the door to all the things she warned you about! (JK we're mom approved... maybe...). We've got the Fort Underground Coalition in full effect with Carnie on lead DnB and Tip the Velvet holding down the house, and invasions from MicroMachine, Physko-lojik, Dj Fate, K9, Organix, Hollow Point, & Gizzmo! Music drops @ 8, don't be late and wear some clean undies for Mom's sake!

Also, Kinetic Fire is dropping it's 4 day Fire & Flow Arts Retreat starting on 5/16 thru the weekend at Stable Studios in Spencer Indiana! One of our special ladies, Jess Mardini, serves as GM for this special event which provides an opportunity for Object Manipulators and Fire Artist's to showcase, teach, and mentor these spectacular skills. All the while, creating a fun, open-share communal environment, paired with some of the best regional musical talents! You'll have appearances from the NAP tribe in Hollowpoint, Hajimari, and Dyonysiz with a special sunrise set! 

With Mom's day behind us and so much to look forward to, a sizzling new mix is just 'da 'ting to make this week fly by. Newcomer to the Napcast, Ryan Jordan aka Identity is turning on the broiler for #255. Coming at you from South Bend, Identity has been on his Dj quest for about 3 years sampling new genres, compiling knowledge, and acquiring taste, with Drum and Bass the most recent to hit the the buds. This mix is steaming with energy and darkness, and some of my favorite spices via Techstep and Rollers. Get ready to taste this full bodied mix that goes down smooth by the one called Identity for your Monday! Ba da Boh!

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 255 - Identity 58 plays 

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