NAPCast: 246 - DJ 27

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Mar 11, 2019 Rintin

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 246 - DJ 27

Is it Monday already my junglist massive? Father time kinda bamboozled me this weekend with this unanticipated robbery of one precious hour of time/sleep! Truth: DST was invented to reduce the cost of lighting and make the most out of daylight - which is a damn paradox cuz how can you be more productive on less sleep? The light at the end of this perplexing tunnel is Spring is about to be here and with better weather we all can do a little better at life. Clocks changing... improved weather... my spider sense tells me there's another change a comin'... but I'm gonna let that marinate 'til HP clues you in on what to look forward to this spring! But in keeping with theme, the next thing to look forward to is TOMORROW night @ The Mel! Dem bois Indiana Jones & Kwenga coming with flava to spice up our Reggae/Dancehall night!  Antik One will be opening tings up, me shutting them down. FluxKapacitor & K9 housing you in the back plus B-Stew from the crew to give ya something new!  

This week in the NAPCast we get a return visit from DJ 27! If you recall, he dropped us some funky liquid last time, and came back thru with a hefty encore mix! Ryan is a misplaced hoosier ailing from Daytona Beach, and to your benefit shares an affliction with our beloved drum and bass. After many years he's still grinding, continuing to sharpening up, and polishing out great sets of tight tunage. This mix has a similar funky type liquid vibe to it, but Dj 27 also weaves in some warpy/darker twists to help balance it out. Complimentary track selection is on point right here. Kick back & turn it up

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 246 - DJ 27 111 plays 

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