NAPCast: 239 - Don Johnson

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Jan 21, 2019 Rintin

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 239 - Don Johnson

Good Morning Peeps & Welcome to the NAPCast! I must apologize for my unexcused absence last week, caught me a nasty case of the Calyx and Teebee's! That shizz is infectious, but only lasts a day! It was great to take the trek across state lines with some of the NAP guys for the show and see some prime talent! And as we packed our gear we loaded up another reason to return - our boy Gizzmo net-werk'd himself into a huge opportunity! It's very hard to keep silent about this news...but stay tuned!! Y'all might be needin to be taking this next journey with us - it's UUUGE! Gizz has also put together another solid lineup next month at the MEL, where Rudy Kizer will main the stage on 2/12! Now that I'm recovered, and get another free day thanks to Doc MLK, time to get this Monday and week rollin!

Now I know, the landscape just changed back to that white, frozen tundra called the midwest in January. But we brought a lil somethin back with us from Ohio, and it's perfect remedy to get that blood flowing and bring back some color. Yep that's right, we got a fire mix from Ohio Junglist Don Johnson and he's ready to thaw that frostbite! Now this is a gent that we've featured before thru the mantra known as DIE~VERSE. Don has been in the scene for something like 20 years, anything with a breakbeat has always perked up his eyebrows, and those experiences have crafted out one truly skilled veteran. Today Don Johnson lays down a wicked barrage of broken beats with this exclusive NAPCast. Infused with elements of jungle, half-time, hip hop, and footwork, this heavy warriah mix got all the necessary sources of heat to get your ass moving!!  

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 239 - Don Johnson 51 plays 

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