NAPCast: 237 - Secret Sauce

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Jan 07, 2019 Rintin

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 237 - Secret Sauce

Welcome to your first Monday of this new year and your first edition of the NAPCast for 2019! I had an epic time dropping the ball with the NAP crew, with our awesome rude residents serving up dope tracks, shenanigans, a great memory made! As we kinda mapped out in the last blog there's a lot to be excited about, and shout out to Courtney for dropping in last week! Looking forward to all things coming up in 2019 & to that point we've got an awesome night planned tomorrow at the MEL to get this year kicked off right! We have Kwenga and Johnny Utah upfront (who slayed it on NYE btw), and we're bringing back Manic, and Secret Sauce is gonna drop in from Ohizzle, to head up tings! HOB will be bringing the House in the back room, with Noncompliant, the Jan!tor, and you may even find myself and Gizzmo doin some B2B house action to get things poppin. And you get ALL of this for only $2! We wanna see you out tomorrow night, so spread the word and come on thru!

The NAPCast is kickin it off propa this week with a set of sick selections from 20+ year veteran Special Sauce, aka Dominic Howard. Ohio born/raised and now residing in Cleveland, Special Sauce is a name you should know. Running with the Indirect audio and the fresh air resources (F.A.R.) crews, he's been pushing drum and bass to new levels in the Buckeye state. Appearing on bills with names like Om Unit, Paradox, and Ricky Force in 2018 alone. You can catch him at his new monthly "Habitat" at the touch Supperclub in Ohio City. Today Special Sauce slathers up a thick helping of delectable beats with all the toppings on this week's NAPCast. There's an incredible range of crispy sounds packed inside this hour long mix, and caters to just about any dnb tastes you may be fiendin for. Whether it be juke, jungle, half time, or just deep rolling bass, this mix expertly crafts them all together for an exclusive treat for those ear holes. And to take it one step further, Special Sauce will be heading up the front room to deliver another fresh set tomorrow night @ the MEL in the flesh! Enjoy!!!

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