NAPCast: 235 - Knotice

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Dec 17, 2018 Rintin

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 235 - Knotice

Morning Peoples! Its the NAP bringing you that cup of wake the hell up to get your week grooving. Just 7 short days til Santa stuffs down that chimney and robs you of your cookies. Hopefully he leaves somethin for the trouble -(but only if you were good)! Speaking of good, no GREAT - Cool Hand Lex rocked the Mel last week, and many sorries if you missed it.

Being a veteran to the scene, but a newcomer to Indy's - offers certain privileges. The main one being the ability to see many of these local artists for the first time, and having the knowledge to appreciate the talent they possess is a real pleasure. The DnB set that Lex threw down, was totally unexpected (by me), and just watching the shear enthusiasm and smile on his face to play it was a truly memorable great time. And that's what the NAP does, and why I wanted to be apart of it, a bunch of solid humans bringing you something to smile about week after week, month after month. 

This weeks grin comes to us by means of Aaron Schafer, our beloved Knotice. Originally from South Bend, and dabbling in the Chicago and Detroit scene in his come up, I found out the he was playing the same venues where I lost my rave virginity a long time ago. Knotice came to the Indy area in the early 2000s and soon thereafter became a crucial member of the NAPDNB team.

A few months back made the move to spread his wings in San Diego, and is already on the bill for numerous shows representing the NAPDNB! Knotice has been playing a wide array of electronic music throughout his approximately 20 year career, with true love for the DnB; the kind that grips you by the soul. This mix is one of the goddamn fanciest we've seen in 2018, with more flavor than your local Baskin Robbins. Lots of layers in this one, half time, juke, jungle, vocals, rollers... it really has it all... even a hidden message "I'll be thinking of you" - Well Knotice, we are doing the same thing & missing you in Indy! 

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 235 - Knotice 104 plays 

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