NAPCast: 229 - Paranoid Inc.

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Nov 05, 2018 Rintin

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 229 - Paranoid Inc.

Happy Monday Junglists! Can you taste the daylight savings? An extra hour of slumber helped with some needed recovery after the Crystal Method show, where a memorable set of classics, new material, and even laced with some dope drum and bass - thrown down for the masses. Dyonisis and Antik One also got to grace the stage at a private party in C-bus, bringing the NAP Flavor across state lines. All n' all dnb is alive and well in our scene that's why we need YOU to continue your support as Jahba returns to the Mel next Tues - only a week to go!!!

This edition of the NAPCast comes to us from some of our local boys at Paranoid Inc.. "a couple of dudes who wanna fuck up your dance floor" - Phsyko-lojik & I:machine. This bass collective has tracks out on Sure State and Tenth Degree, and also have dabbled there own Bass Nine stream show as well. These guys have been putting in some serious work to bring you one last treat as we bury Halloween for 1 more year. I gotta tell ya this mix tickled all my fancies and was exactly the perfect fit to my mood. Starts off like a crisp, calming autumn breeze, brings your into an intricate weaving of smooth layers of lush juke-y and half-time goodness before rounding you out with some solid drum and bass to the finish line. Described by the fellas as "a digital crate diggin' sesh to see what blends" - It's a perfect was to start your week and move your feets. Great to begin the month of November this way cause treats like this are something to be thankful for! 

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 229 - Paranoid Inc. 86 plays 

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