NAPCast: 222 - DJ Fate

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Sep 17, 2018 Courtney Tanasovich

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 222 - DJ Fate

Greetings Earthlings! So nice of you to join us once again for another nugget of drum and bass goodness. You might already be aware (and if not, WHY, don’t you READ THIS THING?!) we hosted a few of our favorite House heads on the main stage at the Mel last week and had a hell of a good time with them! Minor audio equipment troubles aside, everyone came correct and touched on every single subsubsubgenre over 4 hours. Organix and John Larner kept the vibes as warm as the night breeze with beautiful and mature liquid sets to wind down the evening. Our fave yung blood Sweater Disco blew the doors off with a techy jungle-juke set that was yet more proof of innate ability with all styles of music.  And last but not least the multi=genre expert DJ Fate opened up the room and made all the new faces walking in the door feel like they were coming home. Very few can get away with working their way through a set starting with Parallel and finding their way to Messiah by the end. Even the jump-up bits didn’t make me jump into traffic!

Since she did such an awesome job last week, we decided to share yet ANOTHER tidbit of DJ Fate rockin’ the drums AND the basses. While not the same tunes from last week, the over all feel is certainly close. Like I said, Fate is known for excelling in the multi-genre area, never allowing herself to get trapped into just one genre or vibe whether she’s playing house at Social or killin’ the Mojo stage at Pride. This week’s NAPCast moves around the DNB audioscape, with bits of jump-up, liquid and techstep. My girl never lets me down and I know this set will please you all the same!

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 222 - DJ Fate 39 plays 

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