NAPCast: 220 - RK9

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Sep 03, 2018 Courtney Tanasovich

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 220 - RK9

Jungle crew! Let me get right to the point – I’m not sure how I’ve been so remiss in mentioning this in the last few blog posts, BUT did you know that there is an entirely MASSIVE event happening in Columbus, Ohio in five days?!?! Our very favorite brothers-in-arms, In-Direct Audio,  are hosting none other….and I can hardly breath just thinking about this….than OM UNIT AND MORESOUNDS!!! If you were at the Sam Binga show a few years ago or are currently jamming out to that Philip D Kick record OR are into the weirdest jungle dub to ever come alive, then you NEED to get yourself to Skully’s Music Diner on September 7th and worship at their alter with me all night long!! Also very important news on the local Indy front, is that next week is a very special birthday edition of our monthly night at The Mel. A little reserve tunage action will be going down all night with our local house heads - DJ Fate, Sweater Disco and a VERY lucky performance from Mr. John Larner - dropping the drum and bass in the front room while the unruly lads of Dyonysiz, Rintin (BIRFDAY SET!), Antik One and Gizzmo will be taking care of the House duties in the House of Babylon room! So if you’re a September baby, or you know a September baby, bring your asses out for a night of magically good times!

This week’s NAPCast from RK9 sort of matches my heart beat right now after all that hype. Knowing that a mix is incoming from a predominately breakcore heavy DJ I had my expectation. Some were met, and other bits caught me by surprise. Really dug on the techy-atmospheric jungle that brings in and closes out this mix! RK9 definitely keeps the hardcore/breakcore featured but in the way that shows how it’s related to jungle, not in opposition to it. Floor stomper for sure all the way through inside. If you’re looking to break your neck first thing this week, make it to this! But make sure you heal it up in time for the next week and a half of CELEBRATION! 

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 220 - RK9 29 plays 

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