NAPCast: 217 - Curtis Jones

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Aug 13, 2018 Courtney Tanasovich

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 217 - Curtis Jones

Giddy up folks, we got you a rip roaring NAPCast to get into your face this morning! I know mid-August can be kind of a bummer because there haven’t been any “get outta work free” holidays to blow shit up on in over a month and just sweltering gross heat to remind you that this is hell and you’re never getting out.  Maybe you consider the your local county/state fair a holiday, and I can respect that, but it’s still a day of baking in the sun while carb loading which always calls for a day long nap after. Who can motivate for a work week after that sort of thing?!

Well, here’s a little something from Curtis Jones to push you out the door and into the unfortunate real world. Hype would be an understatement for this mix, but it’s still true. Pure, full-throttle drum and bass from beginning to end. BUT my REALLY favorite part and one that made me feel all warm and giggly inside is how friggen RAVEY, almost happy hardcore level ravey, it gets! As a retire Kandi Kid, it always gets me pumped when the sparkle of the snares and highs breaks their way through the darkness of the bass. If you’ve got a pair of new dancing shoes to break in, this would be the joint to do it with. Curtis takes off out of the gate at 100 mphs and doesn’t give you a spare second to even catch your breath. Full of sunshine vibes sure to pull you out of any sort of Monday funk!

And don't forget: tomorrow night we're at the Melody Inn with some great music from Dyonysiz, Zion Tulz, Sea Monkey, Kiefer Ian and more!

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 217 - Curtis Jones 28 plays 

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