NAPCast: 213 - Selekta Steel

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Jul 16, 2018 Hollow Point

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 213 - Selekta Steel

Happy Tuesday junglists!  Courtney is living it up in California with friends and family, so I'll be stepping into blog duties this week.  Before I get into the mix, I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who came out last week for Hip Hop night.  We believe it's important not only to celebrate drum & bass music, but also the music that came before it and helped inspire the music we love so much.  We had DJ Just-Nice dropping some crazy breaks while the 31Svn Dance Crew showed off some intense breakdancing moves.  We also had the hip-hop vinyl stylings of Gizzmo and DJ Mike B on 4 turntables.  In addition, the House of Babylon room was jamming all night with Nick Samaro, Kiefer Ian, FluxKapacitor, and a last minute tag-in from our boy Rintin.  If you haven't been out to one of our monthly shows, you can find us every second Tuesday at the Melody Inn.

This week on the NAPCast is another great set from Selekta Steel of the legendary M.I.A crew in Chicago.  Steel is a NAPCast veteran as well as a regular fixture on the Midwest Connections mix series.  The city of Chicago has birthed some of the greatest dnb DJs in the midwest and the underground has the established sound of jump-up drum & bass.  DJs like Danny The Wildchild and Dr. Groo helped codify jump-up into the DNA of Chicago dance music.  While the roots of jump-up run deep, the next generation of DJs have not only built upon that foundation, but have made it their own, like Steel does in this mix.

Steel manages to set himself apart with this one by not only delivering the signature Chicago jump-up style, but he brings in the ragga, hard jungle, and tearout elements that really give the mix depth.  If you're into tracks from artists like Serum, Levela or Voltage, you're probably going to love this one.

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 213 - Selekta Steel 89 plays 

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