NAPCast: 211 - Knotice

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Jul 02, 2018 Courtney Tanasovich

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 211 - Knotice

ATTENTION: We are half way through the year, people! Time is seriously in warp-speed right now I swear. Everything seems to breeze right past you if you’re not paying attention ALL the time. Sometimes that means you miss things, but if you’re lucky like a few of us were this past Friday then you didn’t miss out on the half dozen or so albums that were released that day! It started out with a super secret surprise from Tokoyo Prose with the release of the first half of his new LP on North Quarter, Wild Grace, that is so drool worthy it should come with a napkin in the sleeve just for safety. Follow that up with the new Shelflife release from Calibre that makes me happy because when isn’t a reminder of how fucking great he is a good thing?! Just when I’m done swooning my life away, someone drops the link to the new Inja album on me along with a link for the MOTHA FUCKIN MOBY REMIX of Pendulum’s Vault. By the time I worked all that goodness through my earholes, my drums were smoking.  First of all, every single Jungle Bird out there needs to make sure she hears Inja’s “She Just Wanna Dance” because that is hereby officially our new anthem of life. It is absolute truth, so guys…you’ve been well warned.

Everyone who knows me knows I had a FULL meltdown when the Shogun Audio crew remixed a bunch of Moby’s CLASSICS, so you can be sure that to get him remix one of the most recognizable Pendulum tunes was beyond exhilarating. It was exactly what I expected from Moby too; adding in all the touches of swishing synths and vapor waves that made his own music feel so ubiquitous. Beyond all that dnb related new music news, Friday also saw the release of a brand-new album from The Gorillaz which is equal parts both brilliant and a fresh take on the band’s sound. What a time to be alive!! 

Something else I’m also happy to have this week is a new mix from our far away friend, Knotice. See, he’s not even gone a week and just can’t stay away! This is what I think I’m going to dub the “Aunt Fancy” mix because it sounds how I sort of envision Knotice’s alter-ego. Funked-up jazz licks guide and shape this week’s NAPCast, brining in chopped up Jungle breaks and sultry vocals to round out the vibe. Aunt Fancy is the type of lady who presents a calm, cool and collected exterior while inside she’s a ball of nervous energy, ricocheting around insider her jangling bones. And that’s exactly how this mix goes down but in the very best ways. Lounge beats hypnotize you into relaxation when you’re suddenly brought back to reality by the fractured rhythms of a tribe you’ve long forgotten. Echos of trumpets remind you where you came from but still, you stay in the unevenness of the Jungle. For this is home now. But that’s the beauty of dnb – it makes any place you go feel like home and connects us as one community. And no matter how far away you are from your OG tribe, you can play those beats and feel something familiar. Or maybe I’m just too sentimental…either way, Knotice delivered the goods, as per usual and now his first official mix from his “new” home state is on the books and in the ether forever! 

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 211 - Knotice 91 plays 

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