NAPCast: 208 - Antik One

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Jun 11, 2018 Courtney Tanasovich

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 208 - Antik One

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US! HAPPY BIIIIRTTTHHHDDAAYYY TO USSSSSSS!! Four freakin’ years people! From NAPCasts, Second Tuesdays at the Mel, birthin’ the next wave of DNB Djs and our Junglist journeys all over the Midwest, this little clan has stacked up so many good times and laughs it’s hard to remember where one memory ends and the next starts. And as we enter year four, we’ve been plotting and scheming ways to increase our contribution to the dance music scene round these parts. In the meantime, we’ve gotta celebrate all the hardwork we’ve put in thus far with a rowdy gathering of our favorite people, which YOU should find yourself at tomorrow (June 12th)!  As we’re known to do, we’re shinning a bright ass spotlight on a few of the local producers who not only grind hard in their laboratories to create down right filthy dnb/halftime/juke and more, have stepped up in many ways to help spread the NAPDNB name around the interwebz and IRL. We are supremely lucky to have them grace the stage and I for one plan on burning up the dance floor in their honor. Even House of Babylon is coming to play with the backroom line-up. Kene Mahusay has been killin’ the house tracks lately, just putting out a new remix of Tim Rolan’s Killer Inside. You may have even been lucky enough to have heard it at Indy Pride if you were at the Mojo stage for the Aokay DJ set with Jackola and Brandon Patrick! Then there’s this this like, suuuuuper unknown, very new to the DJ world…..JUST KIDDING! We’re getting a SUPER AMAZING visit from the jet setting Non-Compliant (DJ SHIVA)!!  That room is gonna be dripping with sweat after she works us out! Clearly it’s going DOWN at the Mel, so make sure you make a stop through to slap hands (and butts, with consent obvs).

Another special present to all of YOU for this celebration week is a freeesh mix from Mr. Antik One. He wants me to tell you how terrible this mix is and how you should probably not listen to it. As the loving and dedicated wife I am, I will tell you THESE ARE LIES! 2k18 is my year of shutting down the self-depreciating DJ. I hear you putting yourself down, prepare to get slapped around verbally (unless you do suck, in which case I’ll be gentle). It’s definitely a crutch I hear out of a lot of regional DJs who seem to think that if you’re not getting booked to play 360 shows a year, you’re nothing. Or because you don’t ALSO produce you’re unworthy of support. Fellas (and ladies), let me tell you something I’ve learned from a scientific poll I’ve been taking: YOU AREN’T CUTE WHEN YOU PUT YOUR TALENTS DOWN! It’s pretty lame actually. Yes, “anyone can DJ” now-a-days, but that’s actually relatively untrue. ANYONE can buy the equipment, not EVERYONE ends up being any good at it. When you ARE good at it and say you’re not, strangers believe you. There go those bookings you could have had. A super smart DJ recently told me “there’s a distinct difference in wanting to be seen as humble and pushing it to the point of being seen as lacking any confidence” and I think that’s spot on. What this mix IS is a rumbling good time of new school Jungle (YAY SUULLLLYYY!) and heavy rollers that work the vibe straight into your gut. This is also clearly a love letter to me because of the Sully, Monty, Paradox and Sam Binga tracks inside, so thanks boo! Antik was especially excited to get to include a couple of tunes from Denver local, Recall. This dude should be in everyone’s set lists with names like Ruin Porn and Robot Sects. This is the sort of originality I really like to see in titles! Plus, the chunes are choice. So, buckle in tight for this one and let it rip; Antik One certainly did. Once you’re recovered I’ll be patiently waiting at the Melody Inn for our Tuesday date! 

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