NAPCast: 207 - Paranoid Inc.

Who is Courtney Tanasovich?
Jun 04, 2018 Courtney Tanasovich

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 207 - Paranoid Inc.

Hello, nasty! If you’re reading this (for some reason) then you’ve successfully navigated your way through another (wild?) weekend! Way to go! Another punch on your Adulting Rewards card! When you get to 20 punches, I hear you get to spend a whole night acting insanely 20-something and suffer no hangover the next day. It sounds awesome, but I doubt I can adult hard enough to get that many punches. Something about still dancing the night away at boat parties and then breaking your own “I’ll be home by midnight” promise to go to the afters party instead means they actually fill previous punches back in. I don’t mind though, because when it’s a special event like last week’s Christian Martin set, it’s totally worth it. Quality over quantity these days…. that’s sorta adult-y, right??

Speaking of quality over quantity, this week’s NAPCast is so much quality it’s going to improve your DNA. Last year the crew took a wee road trip to Chicago for the first Tribe party with our M.I.A brothers. This night was literally PACKED with talent from all over the Midwest with most DJs playing 30-40-minute sets. With this in mind, we put a ton a pressure on our besties, Paranoid Inc, to bring the Naptown heat to Chi. I was supposed to take part in this road trip but was unfortunately stricken with the “drinking like you’re 20 while 30+” plague the day of. (Damnit, punch card, WHY DO YOU BESEECH ME! ) When the crew reported back the next day the word was “HOLY CRAP! THEY BLEW THE ROOF OFF THE PLACE! DANCE FLOOR MELTED UNDER ALL THOSE SKANKING RAVERS! PARANOID FOREEVVVVAAAA!!!” and I was even more bummed I missed it.  Well, LUCKY US BECAUSE TURNS OUT THEY RE-RECORDED IT!! While it’s a super tight 34 minutes, the boys turned UP on Chitown and showed them exactly how to work! Such a fun juke/footwork heavy mix that felt 100% like an ode to Chicago while also reppin’ Indy’s flavor. And since we all get to share in QUALITY of that night, we can now listen to it on repeat for daaaaays and get our QUANTITY vibe on too! YAY MONDAY!

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 207 - Paranoid Inc. 40 plays 

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