NAPCast: 206 - Parallel

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May 28, 2018 Courtney Tanasovich

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 206 - Parallel

Hey guys! Gonna be a short shout out today since I’m on vacay and about to lace up my dancing shoes for some Christian Martin house music (and maaaaybe a splash of jungle) on a party boat! Super excited to get my own blast off into summer in a unique setting just like all the homies in Detroit Rock City dancing their way through DEMF. And if you’re one of those warriors who’ve been out at the Indianapolis Speedway since Carb Day and still hung strong through the whole day in the Snake Pit Sunday, my hat is off to you too!!

This week’s NAPCast is another glorious unicorn. Former Indy local Parallel has graced us with a deep dose of the soulful stuff I love so so much. Ever since I started hanging around the dirty junglists of Indy all I ever heard about was how AMAZE Parallel is and how greatly he is missed around the decks. I figured they were telling the truth this whole time…. but damn. This hour is 100% what I expected and 120% made my heart happy. I’ll gladly look past the fact that it took a really long time to get something submitted from him because this was WELL worth the wait. I assume we’re all just spending our Monday recovering and lazin’ about in the sun (or AC) ( OR A CAR for 8 hours if you’re me), so get comfy and put this one on repeat. It’s really the perfect partner for refueling your depleted batteries. 

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 206 - Parallel 28 plays 

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