NAPCast: 202 - Hollow Point

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May 11, 2018 Courtney Tanasovich

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 202 - Hollow Point

Welcome back, party people! So glad you’ve made it to your weekly installment of drum and bass madness that is the NAPCast. I’m still coasting on the high off of the absolute three-alarm fire that the masterful Shiba San started here in Indy Saturday night! Yes I know, he’s not a dnb dj, GASP! What he IS… is a ridiculous beastmaster of all things dark warehousey techno/tech-house and if you didn’t come smash yourself between hundreds of other sweaty idiots, then I don’t know how to help you in life. I was fully expecting a crowd pleasing Dirtybird heavy, happy type house set and what we got was just the complete opposite and OUTSTANDING! If I could have smashed his set and Paradox’s set from last week into one night, it would have been PERFECTION. All time best party level type stuff. Large ups to Keepin’ It Deep who reached deep and came out with diamond!

This week’s NAPCast had me thinking a lot about the warehouse vibes and two-room parties specifically. Hollow Point brings us this week’s listening pleasure and while it is all things classically HP, it does heavy work of making sure you know that he can handle anything you throw at him. Bouncing back and forth between headier, downtempo jungle bits into big energy neuro and dubstep adjacent power anthems. It’s a little new and little old HP, for all the hardcore fans out there. But why it made me think of the warehouse days was because it very much felt like you were wandering from one room to another and getting equal doses of different elements of whatever genres were playing. In this case we’re at a dnb center party, so buy into the narrative a bit, ok? HP kills all of it and could easily break this into two separate sets with ease. So I guess book him for EACH of your rooms for your next party, ya heard?! When you’re done getting down on this one, remember that you can catch HP and ALL the NAPDNB crew in two weeks on May 8th! We’re getting Knotice pumped up for his big journey across the country, so make sure you get your butt out to wish him a fond farewell!

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