NAPCast: 195 - Knotice

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Mar 12, 2018 Courtney Tanasovich

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 195 - Knotice

It’s that time again! Yay another Monday! More music for your ear holes! And I think you should know just how close to not getting this mix you guys were! Our poor, beguiled Knotice has been stricken with the plague for weeks! He almost lost an eye, forced to wear an eye patch! On top of that health scare, every time he plays music in his apartment, he runs the risk of having the police called on him by his neighbor (she’s quite a peach, ain’t she?). Every moment is a race against the clock to squeeze in those sweet jungle beats before those bombaclat popos show up knockin’ at his door. Really, this mix is an extra blessing upon us that it came into existence AND he didn’t get arrested for being a nuisance! I know this one’s a quick one, but just remember you can hear your full dose of Knotice when he opens for the Desert Dwellers show on March 22nd.

Speaking of upcoming events, this week is a DOOZEY. Of course we’ve got our monthly Melody Inn night coming your way tomorrow. Swing on through early to catch Rintin and Sticky set up the room for our beloved Sea Monkey in the headlining spot, and that maniac Turtle Matt is gonna shut it down. House of Babylon’s got all the funky house jams goin’ on in the back room too! Wes Clay, Ejion and they’re evening letting that sneaky Junglist, Phsyko-Lojik on the decks! Then as soon as you’ve wasted your Wednesday recovering, it’s time to lace the dancing shoes BACK up, because Thursday you all need to make your presence known at The Mousetrap for the “Officially UnOffical going away party” for the very baddest buzzsawer around, Rodmeow! Yes, that’s right, she’s leaving her homeland and traveling westward. New adventures, new opportunities. We’re all very proud of her but very sad to see her go. That’s why she invited our favorite Ohio Junglists, What The Bleep and Foi Oi Oi, to come help her celebrate! It’s gonna be a wild, wild night, so just go ahead and submit that PTO request for Friday now.

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 195 - Knotice 79 plays 

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