NAPCast: 179 - Hollow Point

Who is Courtney Tanasovich?
Nov 13, 2017 Courtney Tanasovich

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 179 - Hollow Point

Ch-Ch-Ch-Check it out errrrybody! It's your favorite day of the week again, NAPCast day! I'm sorry, I'm just trying to soften the blow of it actually being Monday again and that it's CLEARLY also winter now. Who needs a fall? L.O.L. But to ease the burden that is all these things, the one like HollowPoint steppin' in with a NAPCast full of deep vibes that'll keep you warm all the way through! If there's one thing that HP has proven time and again, it's that he can't be pegged to one specific sound or style of drum and bass. We've heard sets and mixes from him that range from super neuro and face melting, experimental half time bidniss, and jazzy ragga. But if there's one thing that he really shines with it's putting together liquid velvet sets that rustle up all the feels with all them posi anthems. Listening to this on a cold and bleary day was definitely the little bit of sunshine I needed to power through. I can't even be mad that he was good enough to include a song that's been following me recently, the quintessential Mr. Majestic from Calibre & High Contrast. I heard somewhere recently that there aren't enough horns featured in drum and bass music, and I just laughed and laughed. HP basically put together a sample pack of smokey drum and bass layered with all types of horns! So wrap yourself up in this hour of goodness from us! AND keep that feeling alive TOMORROW with us at the Mel for a big ol' 21st bday party for young blood, Hajimari!

We're looking forward to a bit of different flavor than what we heard on Halloween. Stepping up for support are badmen Sound Victim, Tabali Tigi, and Phsyko-Lojik! After a night like this, the Mel might not stay standing, so you should probably just come out to witness the destruction! See you all then!

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