NAPCast: 157 - Hollow Point

Who is Courtney Tanasovich?
Jun 12, 2017 Courtney Tanasovich

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 157 - Hollow Point

yyooo!! Did you hear that?! It's the call of the Jungle! We're sending out the sonic gathering call today, the eve of the most joyous of evenings, in preparation for the jubilation. It's like our opening, opening set before we bring the Mel to life with all the break beats it can handle tomorrow! After getting a double dose of Drum and Bass and Jungle goodness at Wiggin' Out! this weekend, I was stoked when the dude Hollow Point came through with an atmospheric Jungle set to rinse out my weary body and mind. He's absolutely secured his rank in the top 5 for the year with it too. I should really check how many times I've said that now; might be time to thin the list before end of year. HP defines groove and phrasing all over this hour. Track selection is on point as ALWAYS - who doesn't vibe to Renegade Snares, Jazz Talkin' and Valley of the Shadows E-V-E-R-Y S-I- N-G-L-E time?? Don't act like you don't, I see you. I need more of this sort of stuff in my life right now, so if you've got suggestions, send them my way. Atmospheric Jungle has always felt like summer time cruises at night on dark county roads to me, filling the night air with attacking snares and throbbing bass melodies. In the mean time, I'm going to listen to HP's handiwork over and over again.

We have the one and only DJ Topspeed comin' to wreck shop on June 13th! You do not want to miss seeing this guy behind the decks. Local support from DJ Curtis Jones, Knotice w/ MC Phillip Morris and our resident gremlin, Gizzmo! Records drop at 10pm! Cover is $2, 21+[/caption] And't DON'T FORGET that tomorrow when you're thinking "booo it's only Tuesday" you SHOULD be thinking "HOORAY it's the second Tuesday of the month and I get to go shake it at the Mel!!" Drums, basses, breaks, MCs, gold chains...WE GOT IT AAALLL!!! Come and get it!!

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