NAPCast: 155 - NuM3R1K

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May 29, 2017 Courtney Tanasovich

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 155 - NuM3R1K

Got a good news/bad news situation today folks. I'll make it quick on the bad news: in case you were living under a rock on Sunday, the DNB community received word that Marcus Intalex has moved on to that perfectly tuned rig in the sky.

R.I.P. Marcus Intalex

If you were even passively listening to the genre in the early 2000s (as I was), you couldn't not hear sounds crafted by that great man. The Soul:R label and Marcus recrafted what it was to be dnb and helped to open the culture to levels and avenues never before thought of for the music. I just recently listened to his Sun & Bass set from last year and had him HIGH on my list of "must sees" and "willing to drive 500 miles for."

We take for granted that our heroes and champions of this sound will be around for as long as we’re still vibin’ out, so let this be a lesson to all of us. If opportunity is knocking to witness even the smallest bit of history, do whatever it takes to make sure you don’t miss out. His passion and dedication to our sounds of the underground will never be forgotten and will forever be respected. May he Rest In Power.

Alright, we made it through that. Now for the gooooooooooood stuff! We’ve kinda been in the habit of using sets from Tuesday’s at the Mel for you guys to enjoy for the NAPCast. That’s how much we love you guys and the lads and ladies who grace the stage – we make sure their efforts are enjoyed near and far! Last month #DadBod member, NuM3R1K gave up on packing his house and came out to spin some of those flat black disks on turntables! From needle drop to end, this mix made me feel like it was 2001 again and I was lingering in the shadows trying to understand Jungle all on my own. And now in light of current moods, it felt like a fitting tribute. NuM3R1K brought out the deep cuts and kept heads noddin’ and feet shufflin’. It was the absolute perfect balance of R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz and Reggae all melting in rhythm and syncopation. Last year NuM3R1K rocked my socks with one of his NAPCast mixes and ended up being champion of the year on my end of year post. Has this set just stepped up to make it repeat? COULD BE folks, COULD BE. Get this one turned to 11 and skank it out for all our fallen Souljahs today, they’ve earned it. One Love. Maximum Respect.

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