NAPCast: 132 - Sea Monkey

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Dec 12, 2016 Courtney Tanasovich

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 132 - Sea Monkey

Greetings Frandz! Can you believe that this is the second to last NAPCast post of the YEAR?! That means there is JUST enough time to squeeze in some late contenders for NAPCast supremacy! It’s been said before, but bears repeating from the rooftops at full volume for all to hear, Sea Monkey is a the baddest badass in the entirety of Indianapolis (if not the whole of Indiana and beyond). Set up to tear down, hauling gear to recording just about EVERY SINGLE set he’s present at, dude has carried more than a fair share of the heavy load that is producing dance music nights. We are all forever and always grateful and damn lucky to have him among the crew. What I’m MOST grateful for is when he takes his turn behind the decks. And then also records it. And then lets us share that with you!

Albeit not the carefully selected assortment one would typically expect to find, by his own admission this recording is a bit of a “on the fly” moment. I have to say, if anyone is going to pull that sort of set off, I would bet on Monkey all day long. There are certain elements I’ve found you can often rely on finding during a SM set; diva vocals, jazzy horns and lots of tasty drum layers. Mission accomplished inside this one many times over. Bonus points for the introduction to Fanu with his remix of Silentium’s Hangman’s Lullaby. There’s something about those operatic, prolific pieces of music that only the Scandinavian artists seem to be able to capture. Perhaps it’s the vast and rugged scenery around them. When that tune really breaks loose at the top of this set, you know that it is breaking open the doors to let the rest pour in.

This is getting me extra excited for our night of shenanigans going down tomorrow night a The Melody Inn too! End of year family jam out with a little bit of somethin’ for everyone! Variety of drum and bass sounds on the front stage, boots and cats in the back room! Gizzmo is battling Shiva in a one armed duel!! Seriously, you guys should NOT miss the holidays with your family, so I plan on seeing all your frozen faces there!

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 132 - Sea Monkey 117 plays 

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