NAPCast: 121 - Hollow Point

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Sep 26, 2016 Courtney Tanasovich

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 121 - Hollow Point

It’s a real good thing that the NAPCast is text only and not a vlog or that I’m required to speak in any formal “podcast” way…because yours truly currently is sans voice. The bit of squeaking I can muster today sounds more like a lonely whistle posse member with a broken whistle. There’s a small chance I reclaimed said voice for our final Drum & Bassment party with Selekta Steel and Lip-Ton from Chicago Saturday night, but those are mere details. But when you’ve been fighting the flu strain for 4 days and by Sunday your priority goal is to rest and speak as little as possible, you need some really good vibey bidness to help the time pass. Mission accomplished thanks to the one and only rude boi Hollow Point!

When I said vibey bidness, I’m talking some of that serious dubby liquid and deep down inside groove. HP has been stepping out and into the next level of his set production for the past year and a half, as I’ve pointed out before, and this week’s mix is no exception. Stretching out past the one hour mark, you get all your boxes checked from soulful groove, crunchy tech, wubby dub and the good ol’ classics that make your heart happy. Another perfect example of what dedication to your craft, a desire to always be in search of tunes that reflect your soul and the understanding that that soul is always changing, can lead to. I hate to see long time DJs get stuck in the mindset that one sound is the ONLY sound for them, regardless of the genre. Hell, even some of my favorite bands from my youth have dropped in their standing because they’ve been unable to let go of the formula sound that made them so special to start with (lookin’ at you Everclear). The electronic music tree is vast and lush with variations of genres and in a constant state of development. It take DJs to bring those branches together and showcase them in ways that make them relatable to the untrained or passive listening ear. It’s like training Bonsai tree – you trim away the branches that don’t make up your vision until you’re left with something simply perfect. That’s what you get this week gang, so dig in and enjoy it!

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 121 - Hollow Point 213 plays 

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