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Aug 29, 2016 Courtney Tanasovich

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 117 - Antik One

PHEW! I made it guys. It took all week but I finally shook the rest of the sticky, clay mud from Highbridge, Wisconsin outta my brain (and off the majority of our camp gear). What an incredible experience attending Even Furthur (Courtesy of Drop Bass Network, Woody McBride and David Prince) was last weekend. Roughly 3,000 mid-aged ravers (and a few young bloods in the know) converged on a tiny little town in WAY NORTHERN Wisconsin for 3 days of camping, coping ,and techno. Well, all the various forms of dance music were pretty well represented….the classics at least. Everything from Ambient to some seriously evil Gabber. Twitchy, weird Live PA sets in the rain were never things I knew I was missing, but they satisfied in a very real way. Rain and sloppy mud couldn’t slow this party down.

I have never seen anything so prolific to the lives of so many in my life. As a virgin attendee of the Furthurs, it was really awesome to meet so many people who had spent their teens and early 20s traveling around the Midwest basically following DBN and Kurt Eckes for his parties, and more specifically the Furthur parties. These now 30, 40 and some 50-year-olds have been living their adult lives (read: non/part time raver lives) for the last 15 thinking that one of their favorite activities was no more. But here it was. Back and bright and vibrating at this frequency that surrounded your heart. The smiles were a mile wide on every single face from the moment we arrived. We all could feel this was gonna be something to behold. I was giddy to be a part of it.

In true Rave fashion, the weather threw a wrench in the plans of just about every DIY stage and main stage. Major rains had washed roads out and muddy conditions made getting gear in on Saturday treacherous. Among other issues with missing DJs, most everyone was making it up as they went. The upside to that? Bonus sets from last night slotted folks, like the Godfather himself, Frankie Bones. Seeing Shortee and DJ Rap in the same night one after another was boss. After a day of hiking all around 10 acres of hilly wooded frisbee disc golf course, my legs were so smoked the most dance I could muster in rubber rain boots and 4 inches of mud was an occasional shuffle but mostly just bobbing in place. Saturday was truly the day and night of “coping” but it was probably my favorite day of all.

Luckily we got an absolutely perfect sunny day on Sunday that allowed EVERYONE to get out and really play in the wonderland that had been created for us. NAPDNB fam heard LOTS of really good drum and bass being played not ONLY on the single DIY run by drum and bass crews (Big Ups to the M.IA, RIPE and DNBid crews in Chitown!) but also out of the Minneapolis/Milwaukee White Trash Wrestling DIY. DJ Diva D murked everyone while giant puffy clouds floated lazily above. The massive rainbow we’d spotted Friday night after a big rain was delivering on its promise of Rave Blessings for our weekend.

All in all, I would say this Junglist Adventure gets a 10/10. best! trip! ever! Honestly, I could write for 10 more pages about everything this trip and party meant to me, and many of us, but you’re here for the music business. So I won’t delay you any longer.

Antik One was feeling all sorts of ways too after our trip so he got in the lab and cooked us up another dangerously weird and vibey NAPCast. There are lots of things you can say about Antik One. Some say he’s a bad ass, others say he’s the buddha of dnb. All I can really say is that it has been my absolute pleasure to watch him develop his craft over the last 3 and a half years. While he is a Junglist until his last breath, you would be hard pressed to find his depth of understanding and appreciation for ALL forms of dance music in anyone else. One of the qualities of Antik’s sets I find most enriching is how he seeks out tunes that borrow elements of movement or emotion from Trance or Techno or ANYTHING and gives them a place to grow within drum and bass. His skill at using said tunes to create a complete story or a journey through a set of emotions is some of the best, in my totally biased opinion. If I had to guess, I’d say this NAPCast sounds a bit like what Antik’s adventure of getting seriously lost in the pitch black woods was like one our first night at Furthur. With that in mind, I hope you have an hour in your day to let this one get you lost too.

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 117 - Antik One 224 plays 

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