NAPCast: 111 - Kwenga

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Jul 18, 2016 Courtney Tanasovich

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 111 - Kwenga

Do you ever find yourself lost adrift a sea of confusion and despair? Convinced the world is crashing in around you? We know how that goes fam, so this week we’ve brought you some clarity from our own spiritual shaman of sorts, Kwenga A.K.A. Roots Iric. We’ve been proud to receive mixes from our main man several times since the inception of NAPDNB and have always found him to be a grounding force in what can sometimes be the chaotic life of the DJ/Promoter scene. Having seen it ALL, literally, there is no curve ball he can’t offer some sort of peaceful understanding on. Following suit of Antik One’s last mix, today’s delight is full of profound insight and meaning. And I think everyone can find something that applies to some of those crazier moments in life that like to keep us on our toes and we just need to take a step back to analyze.

Since we all know by now how I love getting dropped into a Jungle heavy mix from the start, I was clearly happy with the way this one kicks off. Not one to be anchored to just one genre, Roots will keep you moving with the techy The Clock Ticks from Dub Phizix and a luscious favorite from Spectrasoul – Light in the Dark. The danceability rating on this one is way high my friends, way high. Roots wants to make ALL the people move to his riddims, so he won’t get you trapped in one groove for too long. Say what? You haven’t heard enough of Major Lazer’s Lean On? Good, it’s in here too (only ya know, even better). But if we’re being honest, and we are, my absolute favorite track in here is Calyx’s Takes One To Know One…..because sometimes it’s the best come back ever. Top to bottom this week’s NAPCast gave me goosebumps over Roots’s mixing and ability to tap into truth with his tunes each and every moment. If any of you were in attendance for So.Ill Flow Fest last month, you hopefully got the chance to check out the live version of this mix master hopefully twice if you caught his renegade set the last morning. I know more than one attendee here in Indy were totally taken with his performance, ranking it as one of their top performances of the year! That says a TON for Roots’s credit across all type of audiences since Flow Fests aren’t really geared to favor particular genres, especially in the dnb realm. But he pulled out his best work for them, and I’m ready to say now that this here NAPCast has claimed space in my top 5 of the year thus far. All the respect for Roots for mixing it up for us and bringing us all the love and light through his music!!

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 111 - Kwenga 24 plays 

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