NAPCast: 110 - Hollow Point

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Jul 11, 2016 Courtney Tanasovich

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 110 - Hollow Point

Freakin’ FINALLY. Finally I get to let you guys in on this little gem that went down last month in Cincinnati from our dude Hollow Point. I was totally in awe of this set the night he played it and have been bugging him ever since to please get us the recording so everyone who had to stay home and be lame could finally get a taste. I hope you guys are ready to jam because it’s go time inside.

I have to say, this show was in one of the most interesting spots I’ve been to. Nestled in the top floor of this bar/pizza slice joint was a stack of speakers over looking the bustling college kids roaming the streets. Super dark and super bassey with pleather covered benches that carries it right up your spine. Pretty much exactly where drum and bass belongs. Hollow Point took the decks and put on the most PROPER set of genre spanning bangers I have ever heard out of him. When we were in the streets kids would stop, look up and be so curious as to what they were hearing. He even lured a troupe of professional ballet and contemporary dancers to the dance floor and kept them glued there for the entire night. I personally found it to be balanced in tempo and tension. It’s easy to get trapped in the cycle of building tension in sets and forgetting to fully release it. This mix comes out of the gate to bang your chest in then gets off of you and lets you breath through tracks like Track 8 by Hamilton and Swindle’s Elevator (feat TC). And when don’t you love the Cape Fear VIP??? Yeah, exactly. I think my favorite break is Game Shades from Richie Brains. Because sometimes you just need that moment of hip hop to keep things fresh. Admittedly a set for the “heads” this piece of outstanding track selection and mixing was a superb treat for our little group getaway. And now you have been equally blessed! So get ready to have seriously happy Monday with HP in your face!!

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