NAPCast: 94 - Knotice

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Mar 21, 2016 Courtney Tanasovich

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 094 - Knotice

Here we go again! Another Monday upon us and it's back to the grind for most of us. I'll let you in on a little secret though, because this Monday has a couple of good things going for it. First and foremost, you're getting a new taste of some outstanding drum and bass, this week from Mr. Globe-trotter himself, Knotice. Second, it's the Monday before the last Saturday of the month, which means your favorite junglists are getting together for another round in the Boiler Room Arcade Bar AND this week we're bringing you yet ANOTHER heavy hitter in the scene with the one and only Stunna!!

Stunna - Chicago, IL

Seriously one of the baddest men on the decks, which means it's well worth your time to come play some skee-ball with me, have an adult beverage or three and then skank it out to the glory he is to bestow upon you. You're welcome.

House head turned dedicated junglist, Knotice is currently wrapping up his 3 week adventure in Istanbul, but was good enough to drop this little nugget of goodness off to us before he departed. I'm starting to knotice (he he he, see what I did there) that all of our friends are giving us mixes but then traveling the world! I think next time they should just take me with them and I'll report live when they play. That sounds better. This is our second mix from Knotice, and is a great example of the wide variety from which he pulls tunes. Previously we heard more of the jazzy, liquid vibe with some house and garage sensibilities, while this mix is pushing further into some heavier jump-up and neurofunk areas. Knotice has quickly become a huge help and giver of enormous support to the NAP DNB fam and we are so lucky and grateful to have met him! When we're able to unveil the new website, you'll know who to be impressed by as he is the master mind behind it! While he's been traveling the beautiful country of Turkey, there has been some seriously scary stuff going on with bombs killing innocent civilians. We've all been keeping him in our thoughts, while he keeps us posted (thanks for that dude), and are wishing him a speedy and SAFE trip home today. And after you've listened to this mix for the 100th time and find yourself thinking "I gotta have more!", you should make a safe and speedy trip to the Mel on April 12 to find Knotice putting in work for the good people of Napghanistan!!

Mr. + Mrs. MuM3R1K are due any day now!

Everyone have terrific Monday! Mrs. Num3r1k, HAVE THAT BABY, and I expect to see all the faces come Saturday!!! RESPECT!

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