NAPCast: 83 - Antik One

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Jan 04, 2016 Courtney Tanasovich

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 083 - Antik One

Happy Two-Thousand-Sixteen!!! I trust everyone had a rollicking good time bringing in the new year. Saw lots of your pretty faces at Dara, which is always lovely. Who thinks that Hi-Fi might just be the best sounding place for DNB? Because I do. Here’s hoping we see some other opportunities to make that happen! After giving out so many accolades last week in our Best of 2015 edition, it’s probably safe to say that the bar for NAPCast mixes has been raised significantly. With that being said, Antik One stepped up to the plate to take a crack at kicking 2016 properly.

Being a perfectionist is not an unusual trait in find in most artists. It seems that the smell in the air can completely transform one’s attitude about a painting, poem or performance. The same is true when it comes to DJ mixes. More than one DJ or producer has been over heard saying that it can take awhile to feel like something is “complete”. Track selection options vary daily. What once felt like the strongest choice in a build up and can feel lacking within a month. Or the break you chose on Monday now doesn’t have the same snap to your ears on Thursday and you want to start from scratch. I can say with some certainty that Anitk One is definitely one of those artists who likes to nit pick the mixes he lets other people listen to. So while he may be the first one to tell you about the timing issues or track order he suffered while recording, what you’re actually left with is a totally groovy ditty with some hip-hop undertones, while half time and techstep keep the ground moving under your feet. If NuM3R1K and Jin-XS set the bar for audio pleasures, let this week’s submission stand as proof that Antik One was reaching for it 100% on this one and I will be awaiting some more INSPIRED submission from the rest of that motley crew out there over the next 12 months! Get excited to get inside this one, folks, and have a glorious Monday!

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