NAPCast: 10 - Psynapse

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Aug 04, 2014 Hollow Point

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 010 - Psynapse

Up next is an exclusive mix handed to us last night from a name you might know from his work in dubstep. This inventive DJ may have made his mark on the scene with the wubs, though most of us here at NAP DNB know Psynapse cut his teeth on drum & bass vinyl. Being a founding father at one of the most successful bass music nights in Indy with Altered Thurzdaze at The Mousetrap, he is an expert at constructing a musical journey sure to please. Make sure your subwoofer's ready for this one.

You might also notice that this mix is more than the usual 30 minutes. We finally upgraded our soundcloud and have UNLIMITED uploads. Expect to see live recordings instead of just the weekly NAPCasts, so make sure you follow us on soundcloud to get it all. In this mix, we've got a full hour of driving rhythms from artists like Die & Break, Calyx & Teebee, State of Mind, and Maztek. Psynapse can be seen live at the Hakuna Matata festival August 22-24 at Mohawk Campground in Greenfield, IN. Enter the code "Psynapse" to give $5 of your ticket sale to the artist! While you're there, check out the NAP DNB stage when we take over the Aloha stage on Saturday night. Catch DJs NuM3RiK , Antik One , Sidewayz, Hollow Point , and more. Expect a blog post on this when more information is released. For now, enjoy this mix from Psynapse!

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 010 - Psynapse 16 plays 

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