Sea Monkey


One of Indy's most underrated DJs that we’re very lucky to have on the NAP DNB roster. A true vinyl junkie, this curator has quietly been involved with just about every group throwing events in Indianapolis and there’s no surprise why. This guy brings the vibes. Whether it’s deep downtempo, jazzy 2-step, classic breakbeats, or drum & bass, Sea Monkey knows his stuff.

More than that, if you’ve been to any our events in the last couple of years, you have this man to thank for setting up equipment, perfecting the levels, and bringing the soundsystem that many of the biggest names in town have used to their advantage. He’s the guy who’s at the venue before you and leaves after you’re gone and in bed. That kind of dedication to local electronic music, while often gone unnoticed, has helped carry and shape our scene to this day. Add in the fact that he’s the king of mix archives and you’ll soon understand his curator status.

Sea Monkey's Napcasts: