RinTin took his first bite of the Electronic scene back in 2000 after a chance attendance of an Orbital show gave introduction to the rave. Cutting his teeth in Chicago, the exposure to the diverse local and international talent at that time sparked a passion for the music and the art of mixing that has captivated RinTin for nearly 2 decades. Although House, Techno, and Trance dominated his early appearances Djing small dark rooms, he was captivated by the intelligent sounds of DnB around 2005 and a Junglist was born. Attracted by the limitless boundaries of the genre, RinTin's sets contain a full spectrum of rollers, liquid, breakbeats, and jungle. Whether spinning or supporting, he's traveled all over the Midwest and beyond because of the unique culture and vibes the scene has to offer. RinTin landed in Indy in 2014, and was able to find a home within the NAP DNB, a group of like minded & talented individuals elevating DnB.