Knotice is an advocate of deep, eclectic dance grooves and an atmospheric, often grimy bass-flow to make you move. In the late 90’s, Knotice aka Ash started out performing as a resident DJ for an Industrial club in Niles, MI known as The Midnight Sun. Using this experience the doors soon opened to the Midwest underground music scene where he found his heart and soul. As Ash, he would then move on to DJing at afterhours and main events in Chicago, Detroit, and surrounding areas. 

It was after moving to Indianapolis in the late 2000’s and taking a 10-year leave that he reimagined himself as ‘Knotice.’ A name he feels encompasses a theme of knowledge, attention, and awareness (being woke). With this mindset and focus, he is never afraid to experiment or break the mold. His often-eclectic selection is all reflections of his current frame of mind. You might find during his mixes where he delineates and brews together beautiful synth melodies, silky backdrops, funky breaks, brooding basslines, and occasional vocal hooks; all to keep you stepping.

“For me, it’s all about feeling the audience and elevating their mood, stimulating that groove. Playing tracks that strike emotions and senses, as well as getting the people to move; regardless of format, or style." Knotice has been support for world-renowned DJ’s such as 3D, Champagne Drip (SPL), Dara, Danny the Wildchild, DJ Funk, Paul Johnson, Random Movement, Zebbler Encanti Experience just to name a few. Be on the lookout for some of his upcoming productions.