Antik One


Antik One was first introduced to the world of electronic music in the remote desert of Tucson, AZ in the late 90s. The ground shook with the bass, drawing him in and embedding in his soul like a nasty piece of jumping cactus. Flashing lights and the heavens above danced with him as found his second family in the rave community. Inspired by chance encounters with DJs Radar and Z-Tip during hisĀ first party that just happened to be a Moon Tribe event, Antik One set about to shape the sounds that would continue to breathe life into the rave community like a mother's womb. West Coast Drum & Bass, breaks, acid house and goa-trance would provide the soundtrack to the rest of his time in AZ. Once transplanted to Indiana, Antik found support from fellow deck warriors Seth & Mac at Evolving Records. Like many aspiring musicians, Antik spent years honing his craft and developing his skills before his sound was ready for the masses. Starting in 2012 he began playing small shows around Indianapolis at The Melody Inn and The Emerson Theater. While Drum & Bass is Antik One's passion, he has been exploring a wider variety of chilled out, flow-friendly tunes including electro-swing and the bouncier sounds of tech house and breaks. The results are mood-altering, expanding, and complimenting. The only thing they won't do is fail to move your feet.