State of the Union: NAP DNB transitioning away from Soundcloud

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Jul 22, 2016 Hollow Point

State of the Union: NAP DNB transitioning away from Soundcloud

Hey All,

I just wanted to shed some light on a small hosting change that we have made in light of actions taken by the folks over at Soundcloud.  In the last year we have been issued a pair of strikes against our account on the grounds of copyright infringement.  When you reach 2 strikes for an account (paid or free) they will remove the ability to offer up download links.  We understand that not everyone is able to leave the Soundcloud page or one of our blog pages open when listening to NAPCast mixes, so this is a detriment to what we are trying to accomplish by using this service.  

In addition, a fantastic artist as well as a friend and contributor to NAP DNB, Firecat 451, has had his entire account removed from Soundcloud for reaching the dreaded third strike.  Regardless of the status of your account, if you are given a third strike, they will remove your account, which includes all music, all statistics, and all followers.  Firecat 451 is a leader in the midwest and it is a shame to see his hard work essentially wiped away from the Soundcloud site for nothing more than hosting DJ mixes and original content.

Ever since NAP DNB started, we have leaned heavily on Soundcloud to host our mixes and have enjoyed using the service, so much so that we didn’t give a second thought to purchasing a pro account so that we can continue to upload new and exclusive DJ mixes for our fans to enjoy.  Never once did we attempt to give away individual tracks for free, nor is it our intent to steal from the artists and creators who release the music our DJs choose to include in their mixes.  Drum & Bass needs all of the financial support possible and we greatly encourage all junglists to support the people who are making the music we enjoy so much by purchasing tunes and records as well as supporting these artists when they have an opportunity to tour and perform.

While we appreciate Soundcloud for providing a great low-cost service that allows us to distribute DJ mixes to a wide audience, it is time for us to move on.  It just doesn’t make sense to pay the same subscription fee when the threat of losing our account is one strike away and the functionality that we count on is being retracted.  We do understand that by being one of the largest music streaming services available, Soundcloud is also a large target for litigation and copyright claims.  For many years, DJ mixes were never targeted for copyright usage, either due to the technology not being available or because they were considered not harmful to music sales.  Personally, I’m not convinced that DJ mixes are the target here, but instead are merely caught in the crosshairs of over-reaching copyright robots that scan through Soundcloud uploads looking for waveform matches.  Fighting music piracy has been an ongoing battle for decades and while it is unfortunate that DJ mixes are being taken down, Soundcloud is only acting in their best interests to keep their service profitable and legal.  It is a shame that actions taken to defend piracy are also negatively affecting DJ mixes, but overall, I think it’s a step in the right direction. It not only makes sure that an artist’s work is not being distributed for free, but I think we all would agree that if an artist’s work is used in another way (like a DJ mix) that these artists deserve to get paid for that as well.  In May, it was announced that Spotify is partnering up with Dubset’s MixBANK to provide a legal way for this to work and we have been keeping a very close eye on this as the new service is still being developed.  Once available, you can expect that NAP DNB will be embracing new tools like MixBANK to find some middle ground in providing regular DJ mixes while still making sure that the original artists are being compensated for their work.

So what does this all mean to you, the listener?  Well, we have opted to start using as our new DJ mix host.  We really like the tools they provide and have decided to upgrade to their Pro account, which gives us the ability to feature mixes on the site, grow our audience, and customize the look and feel of our account as well as the streaming players you find on this website.  Our team has gone back through all of our existing blog posts and updated the embedded widget to so there should be no change in how the content is delivered to you, only that there is a new mix host.  In addition, we will work to keep our Mixcloud accountupdated as well, as many of our fans and friends are active there as well.

We appreciate your understanding through this transition and encourage you to make sure to follow us as well as Mixcloud so that you have access to the same great mixes that we’ve provided for over 2 years!