[Review] NAP DNB Best of 2018

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Dec 31, 2018 Rintin

[Review] NAP DNB Best of 2018

Happy New Year Junglists! I'm very excited to be sharing this final post of 2018 with my dear predecessor, Courtney! Ya know, she brought us into this year so she can help take us out of it! It's appropriate she weigh in as we close this year izzout. Now I know I haven't been in the saddle all that long, but over these past couple months we have had some really solid submissions to the Napcast. It's only fair for me to choose from which I hath been given, and to that mine has gotta be Napcast 228, from dem bois at Paranoid Inc as short while ago.

A mix with just so thick with vibe and a combination of some pretty technical styles in such a smooth way really stands out for me. Always worthy of another listen, but it really is a tough choice because we have made so many good mixes.  Thank you for the support, and please continue to spread the word to get your DnB heard, submit those mixes - we want to hear them and share them! 

I really have been honored to have the opportunity to join this group of dedicated individuals to support something that I share the same love for... Drum and Bass! It's one of the top things that came out of 2018 for me, and I am excited to see what this next year has to bring. The NAPDNB crew is growing strength, and it's many thanks to all of you that support what we do that allows that drive to grow. NAPDNB is gonna push it further in 2019, plotting, scheming, dreaming up ideas to make you move. Still committed to delivering quality shows at the MEL, but with a few tricks up our sleeves to switch it up. New Venues, new sound, we'll add some fresh talent, have collaborations with extended family to diversify... many many things within the works, so we can continue to elevate Indy Drum and Bass and make 2019 the best year yet! 

but wait...

Courtney Tanasovich

I’m BAAAAACCCCKK!!!! Ya filthy freaks! You know I couldn’t let the end of the year slip out without giving my favorite people one last bit of wisdom and elitism about drum & bass. Per usual, we use our last NAPCast of the year to reflect on the time we’ve blinked and missed and what we hope to see in our future. And everyone gets a reminder about how many seriously good mixes we birthed to the masses over the last 50ish weeks.  2018 was definitely a quiet year for the NAPDNB crew – lots of travels to our midwestern neighbors of Ft.Wayne, Chicago and Columbus, but not so many big tings on the home front. Being an adult seriously puts a bruising on your ability to do ALL the fun things with ALL your frandz AND still have a house over your head live in the next day. And make it to the J-O-B on time. So yeah, it was mainly quiet (loud) nights at the Mel once a month with some one-off opportunity sets (Dara’s fairwell w/ Gizz) to quench your dnb thirsts around town.

I can’t knock ANY of the out of town events we DID attend because they were 100% some of the most epic times to date. I still can’t describe how good Paradox’s Live PA set was or how seriously I melted to Om Unit and Moresounds. We’re blessed to have fellow Junglists not too far away who can pick up the slack and bring some wicked names to the region. This year DID bring us a bunch of “FINALLY” NAPCasts though…and that’s a big deal in its own right. Sets from Magnetic, Kyu-bik and Parallel were all like early Christmas/birthday/festivus presents for me! That being said, when I had to knuckle down and just pick 1 single mix as my favorite of the year, they didn’t make the cut. And some of you may say that my pick this year is biased….and those people would be right. But maybe not for the reason they suspect. And really, it’s a two way tie so it’s not even really THAT biased. My favorite mix(es) of 2018 are NAPCast 200 from Tha Doc and 208 from Antik One.

And the reason purely is this: I requested those two devilish dudes get together on the decks for some post-ball drop weird vibes at our NYE party tonight. My intention is for them to relisten to these two hours and be inspired to bring the intensity and heaviness they pushed through their mixes. Yes, it’s purely selfish reasons that I choose these selectas, but if you’re really honest with yourself, you’ll hear why I was so keen on both of these for so long. Lots of my favorite types subby, wubby dark half-time jungle shit slicked over with tech-step and juke funk. I can’t wait to be rumbled off to dreamland and into the new year with these two rudebois! And I am so excited to develop some of these new plans we have in store for you guys.

There’s been a lot of requests on how we can better serve the drum and bass community in Indy and we’ve truly listened and are working to make these things a reality. Go figure, DJs taking requests…..huh. In all seriousness, I think you locals are going to appreciate the things we’re trying to make a reality, and that’s not just for the dnb heads. So with those mysterious words, I shall drift back behind the curtain once again, leaving our beloved NAPCast in the mighty hands of the one like Rintin. Much respect to him for taking on this project and helping us to grow NAPDNB even further. It’s going to be a great 2019 in part because of him and people like him. So, keep them eyes and ears peeled so you don’t miss a minute of the fun!