[Mix] NAP DNB – NAPCasts: Best of 2016

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Dec 25, 2016 Courtney Tanasovich

[Mix] NAP DNB – NAPCasts: Best of 2016

Happy Boxing Day ya filthy animals!! While I personally am sitting shiva for our dear departed George Michael (and holding out hope that 2016 doesn’t take Princess Leia from us — good god PLEASE DON’T TAKE HER!) we have a very important task to get to today. We were once again honored to host 51 exclusive mixes from so many talented DJs, but as this is the last week of the year we must make the difficult decision to pick the BEST mix of them all!

As you can imagine with so many hours of goodness to dig through it is kinda impossible to even narrow down the field to even a few. But….through the power of the hive mind we managed to work it out. From 51 to 6…..because let’s be honest….there can’t be only one. So without further ado and in no particular ranking….our favorite mixes of 2016:

1) #120 – Knotice: Mrs.Num3r1k picked this one for its riddem licks playing alongside all that liquidy goodness that she’s a total sucker for. He can do no wrong by the Jungle Birds and if there’s one thing a new mom needs, it’s the rejuvenating power of the amen break.

2) #128 – G, In Memorandum: While our hearts are still broken for losing him, ranking G’s last mix at the top of his picks wasn’t hard for Gizzmo. Many many years of Junglist hijinx added to the heavy feels associated with this one.

3) #116 – Chachi Guerrero : My techno goddess made my heart dance and sing with this mix. Her talent on the decks is clearly not limited to one, two or even three genres, as was made evident with her NAPCast.  This was one of the last things I listened to as we headed into the dead zone of Somewhere Wisconsin for Even Furthur and was exactly what I needed to prepare my mind and body for 3 days of rave.

4) #117 -Antik One : Yes. He’s voting for himself but the real reason Antik loves this mix is for the work Roots Iric did with his MC skills on the opening. I tend to agree that the vocal performance really added key flavor to the mix and makes it stand out as a particularly special one. Keep all your fingers crossed that we can hear more of this type of collaboration in 2017!

5) #109 – Die-Verse : Knotice had the chance to see him throw down a couple of times this year in Ohio and was pretty fixed on his smooth transitions and cuts. This mix is no exception. He transitions back and forth from half-time, scrubbing the tracks with his super funky skills and selection. The whole mix had him jumping around at his desk. Definitely one of his top favorites.

6) #100 – NAPDNB All-Star session : Rounding out the picks for the year came from our girl TJ who is a regular face at shows and general NAP DNB gatherings. She picked this mix because it let all the dudes shine and show a bit of the individual styles all in the same mix. What else can I say, when the girl’s right, she’s right. This mix was made during an awesome day of grilling meats and hanging out with some of my favorite people, so it has a special place on my picks list too!

So there you have it. Just the tastiest bits of the vast selection of tunage we delivered to you fine folks this past year. Hopefully, you’ll revisit them all with the same fondness we had, and if you want to give your own picks a shout, let us know on the Bookface comments (they’re probably some of our other favorites too!)!