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The NAP DNB crew was founded in 2014 to provide a single source for drum and bass in the city and throughout the state. NAP DNB stems from the nickname "Naptown" coined by early jazz musicians in reference to our city name Indianapolis. Since a recent local resurgence in the electronic music scene has occurred, a group of like-minded individuals saw the need to create a way to bring the love and oneness of drum and bass to the community where it was ostensibly underrepresented. Indiana and Indianapolis, in particular, has a surprisingly strong history as far as drum and bass and jungle is concerned. We are here to play drum and bass. Unless the sub shits the bed. Then mostly drums, but hey, technology.

Welcome to NAP DNB


NAP DNB was formed in an effort to bring all the sounds of drum and bass back to the forefront of local dance culture and provide an outlet for impassionate underground music talent. Supporting local talent is essential because it allows for current and future generations to thrive. Not only do we strive to bring focus to our crew, we aim to bring together the music scene as a whole community. Therefore, our principle is, “Oneness to the fullest. More love. More life. Maximum respect.”

NAPCast: 277 - Ender

Who is Rintin?
Oct 14, 2019 Rintin

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 277 - Ender

Howdy spooks it be da NAPCast and the Halloween Season is in full swing. By this time, your porch should be adorned with ghouls that make the passers-by double take, and your neighbors raise questions. It's that time of year where it's acceptable to get weird so don't waste the opp!

October is ripe with events too. Mark Farina was in town on Friday and I hear dem boys at House of Babylon had one hell of a campout this weekend in Terra Haute too! We're halfway through the month but still a more events to go! Gizzmo continues his BDay rage after rocking the Mel last week, with a Bday set at the 10/24 Emalkay Show at the trap! Then again at the end of the month with Hollow Point and Dyonysiz at the next Sqeakeasy in Ohio! (We'll let you rest this week).

October school night rocked, and November will be a doosie. The event deets are up and we're excited to announce Parallel for School Night next month on 11/12! Parallel has been featured on labels such as DSC14, Alpha Cut, and Subtle Audio. Well known for his drum work and soundscapes as a prodcuer, and his forward thinking, and well curated selections as a DJ. Parallel is sure to treat us with some goodies!

Now it's been a few years since our next presenter submitted a mix, but only a couple months back Dj Ender, aka Josh Lozinak, smoked the decks back in June @ School Night! This long time Hip Hop, Dubstep, and Drum and Bass Dj throws it down in today's mix and shows exactly why it's been way too long in between submissions! Getting him back on stage is a sure thing too! Ender expertly works the percussion and thunder with NAPCast #277. Who dis dude? Proved groove, rudely smooth, got me in a rhyming mood. Dark tracks, lyrics stacked. Add some soul, push the tempo high and low. Relentlessly peaceful, this long overdue sequel. No mercy... no surrender.. dis be the wan.. we call Ender!    

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[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 277 - Ender

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Who is Hollow Point?
Mar 16, 2019 Hollow Point

State of the Union: Changes to Tuesdays @ Melody Inn

As NAP DNB rolls into its 5th year of being Indianapolis's home for Drum & Bass music, we've always found the Melody Inn as our home base.  Long before I personally lived in Indianapolis, the local junglists in town found safe haven within the walls of Indy's historic punk bar and since before 2005, The Mel has offered itself to some of the biggest names in Drum & Bass.  We're talking Dom & Roland, Logistics, Marcus Intalex (RIP), Danny Byrd, Dieselboy, Hive, Commix, Basic Operations, TC1, and Big Bud just to name SOME of the 2005-2006 headliners that have graced the stage.  As time has gone on, we've seen Tuesday nights @ The Melody Inn change hands as the next junglist in line steps up to keep the night going, but the vibe has never changed.  We aim to keep the vision laid out by those who came before, but as with any long-running night, sometimes change is necessary.

Starting April 9th, Second Tuesdays at The Melody Inn will be known as "School Night".  This reflects the idea that going out late on a Tuesday night can sometimes push up against school or work in the morning.  Knowing that, we're also going to be starting a full 2 hours earlier!  That's right, instead of 10pm-3am, we'll be starting at 8pm and ending around 2am.  In addition, we'll pull the headliner spot back to 11pm, so that supporting the great talent we bring to you doesn't feel like such a sacrifice.  This also gives us an opportunity to book talent that otherwise wouldn't be available due to schedule conflicts.

To kick off our new night, name, and time, we're going to bring you a night full of some of Indiana's best music producers to remind you that we not only have great DJ talent here, but these cats are creating it from scratch!  We've got Paranoid Inc, Trilli, Sweater Disco, RinTin, and Nashawti to bring the bass in the front and Ejion & Friends with the school house vibes in the House of Babylon Back Room.

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Meet Our Crew

NAP DNB has been honored to work with some of the best international, regional, and local talents at our events. The current resident DJ’s include DJ Hollow Point, NuM3r1k, Gizzmo, Antik One, Sea Monkey and Knotice as the organizational core. B.A. Brawkus, Phsyko-lojik, Ceebz, Johnny Utah, Dave Owen, Psynapse, Roots Iric, Kryzma, Manic, Carnie, and Sarge are also major contributors to the group and are worth the shout-out.

Indianapolis, IN USA
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