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The NAP DNB crew was founded in 2014 to provide a single source for drum and bass in the city and throughout the state. NAP DNB stems from the nickname "Naptown" coined by early jazz musicians in reference to our city name Indianapolis. Since a recent local resurgence in the electronic music scene has occurred, a group of like-minded individuals saw the need to create a way to bring the love and oneness of drum and bass to the community where it was ostensibly underrepresented. Indiana and Indianapolis, in particular, has a surprisingly strong history as far as drum and bass and jungle is concerned. We are here to play drum and bass. Unless the sub shits the bed. Then mostly drums, but hey, technology.

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NAP DNB was formed in an effort to bring all the sounds of drum and bass back to the forefront of local dance culture and provide an outlet for impassionate underground music talent. Supporting local talent is essential because it allows for current and future generations to thrive. Not only do we strive to bring focus to our crew, we aim to bring together the music scene as a whole community. Therefore, our principle is, “Oneness to the fullest. More love. More life. Maximum respect.”

NAPCast: 205 - Magnetic

Who is Courtney Tanasovich?
May 21, 2018 Courtney Tanasovich

[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 205 - Magnetic

What is up, party people?? Can you even believe that May is almost over?! Like, I swear we JUST got done getting over winter and new years and here we are, about to be Race Weekend in Indy for the 500 (otherwise known as Memorial Day Weekend for normal folk) and after the race fuel fumes clear, it’ll be June. I hope everyone has a slew of summer shows and festivals they’re hitting up! While I won’t be attending any, I’ve been happy to see more and more dnb names appearing on festival line-ups in much bigger font than year prior. If you’re part of the Jungle fam, make sure you take advantage of these appearances while out in the wilds of Festilands! One performance I am stoked for is next Sunday when I get to check off another box on my Dirty Bird Bingo card while parting on a boat to Christian Martin’s mad skills. Yes, I know, not dnb. BUT, there probably will be. If you’re at all familiar with his or his brother’s sets you’ll know both are really low-key junglists who find ways to work a couple tunes into their sets just about every time. I know you won’t be surprised by this next bit of info, but it sets the crowd OFF every single time!! People just minding their business bouncing to a four count when ALL OF THE SUDDEN! BLAM! Broken beats everywhere! It’s glorious to see on the Youtubes and I can’t wait to be there IRL.

This week’s mix is from another non-dnb DJ, Magnetic. As you know, I’m always interested in hearing how DJs that play primarily play other genres attack their mixes for the NAPCast. Some come with a super aggressive approach because they’re not as exposed to the styles within the genre; others come with clutch laidback vibe type of mixes that let you get lost in their track selections. Magnetic hits in some place right in the middle with his submission. We’ve been waiting on this unicorn for a good bit now (life, amiright?) but it seems that perhaps Mr.Magnetic was putting a good deal of his own touch on it before handing it over. By his own admission he didn’t go for standard dnb tunes, edited a few that he did use and worked in some acapella samples on top of ‘em. What comes out the other end is what I think would probably go down at a big-time festival pretty smoothly. Lots of high energy, lazery sounding bits to get things started, gets a bit wobbly with Magnetic's more usual psy/festi-bass type stuff then brings it on home with the half-time. He noted most of what he used that wasn’t dnb was drawing from it in ways and I could hear a lot of that in those selection. Kudos to Magnetic for getting us this unicorn after all!

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[Mix] NAP DNB presents NAPCast 205 - Magnetic

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NAP DNB has been honored to work with some of the best international, regional, and local talents at our events. The current resident DJ’s include DJ Hollow Point, NuM3r1k, Gizzmo, Antik One, Sea Monkey and Knotice as the organizational core. B.A. Brawkus, Phsyko-lojik, Ceebz, Johnny Utah, Dave Owen, Psynapse, Roots Iric, Kryzma, Manic, Carnie, and Sarge are also major contributors to the group and are worth the shout-out.

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